The biological effects of the environment with reduced deuterium (D) content or increased pH and physical exercise in relation to cancer: implications for tertiary prevention.

Project leader: Ľubica Hunáková
Project duration: 2016 - 2018

The project deals with the possibility of the extracellular milieu modulation with potential impact on tertiary prevention of cancer. In vitro we want to examine the regulatory effect of the media with lower Deuterium (D) content, or increased pH on the proliferation activity and viability of normal and tumor cells. These will be pursued by various culture and imaging techniques. We will also study possible changes in genome stability by monitoring the incidence of micronuclei typical for cells with replication stress, leading to the increased heterogeneity of tumor population, as well as changes in the expression of surface antigens affecting immune responses, changes in the release of exosomes and in migration of tumor cells. At the level of the human body we want to examine the effects of interventions that modulate the internal environment (Pilates exercise, drinking of alkaline water with reduced ORP) to the redox status, immunological and regulatory body's responses supporting protection against cancer.

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