Detailed characterization and further improvement of system for induction of synchronous meiosis at optimal temperature

Project leader: Miroslava Kretová
Project duration: 2016 - 2019

The central aspect of sexual reproduction is the generation of haploid gametes from diploid cells in a process called meiosis. Although we understand certain aspects of regulation of meiotic cell division, we are far from a thorough understanding of it. Here, we plan to make a further improvements of newly developed system of pat1-as-induced synchronous meiosis at optimal temperature, with emphasis on increasing the sensitivity and specificity of inhibition of Pat1-as protein kinase by ATP analogs. Additionally, we will study and characterize in more details the molecular mechanisms driving pat1-as-induced meiosis, which are responsible for correction of most of the aberrant events observed in pat1-114-induced meiosis. Developed system of synchronous meiosis at optimal temperature will open the gate to a deeper and more reliable biochemical dissection of mechanisms regulating the processes of meiotic chromosome segregation.

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